Class Schedule

Tuesday, August 22
Outdoor Sunset Flow
6:00-7:15 pm
New Westminster Pier Park
1 Sixth Street, New Westminster
(Bring your own mat/towel)

Wednesday, August 23
6:00-7:15 pm
All levels Hatha
Dude Chilling Park
2390 Brunswick St, Vancouver
(Bring your own mat/towel)

Thursday, August 24
5:30-6:30 pm
Hatha Flow
Tipperary Park (by New West Farmers Market)
(Bring your own mat/towel)






I have had the privilege of meeting this gifted soul while she worked as a receptionist and as a yoga teacher at YFM. She is a devoted person to yoga and such a kind hearted person that changes the atmosphere by her presence. Her classes are always with joy and devotion. I am sure that she will be a successful and famous yogi.

Abbas Z.

The moment you step into her class, Min’s aura grounds you. Her flow is very fluid, she is always listening to the impulses of the universe and she applies it really well into her classes. Every pose or movement is done with great care and detail and she always explains how it benefits you. I love her poems when she writes them and reads them in class. Whether you are a beginner or advanced yogi, there is always something to be learnt in her class.

Sidartha M.

Thank you for sharing this space with me in which the warmth of love can rest, what greater blessings can there be? There is sweetness in all human emotions, even the ones which our ego would not wish we had. May your heart be forever be filled with the depth of emotions, whatever colors they may be.

Tim R.

Min’s love for life and her students is palpable. Her energy is welcoming, soothing and embracing, really transforming the space around her. In class, every pose becomes a step closer to my inner self. Everything comes together, the poses, the music, the poems, and even the pauses in between. There is so much soul and love in her classes.

Chris M.

I remember my first class with Min, her kind and gentle spirit shone through in her instruction and her uniquely crafted sequences were uplifting while providing the opportunity for a needed challenge.  I immediately became a regular in Min’s class at Karma Teachers where I could get my dose of weekly medicine.  I have noticed that Min has many regular students who too have witnessed her amazing gift of teaching and healing.  In addition to being a fantastic teacher, she is such a relatable and approachable individual.  Min encourages her students to explore their vulnerability and boundaries, and leads the student yogi on a path beyond simply “folding the body into a pretzel.”  It is much more than a physical journey in Min’s class, it is a heartfelt exploration of the senses and the soul.

I find Min’s ability to be selfless while at the same time so grateful of others to be inspiring and astonishing.  Min expresses her profound gratitude for her students, and participating in this reciprocal interaction is a gift in itself.

Min has strong leadership qualities and is considerate of the different needs of diverse community members.  To account for this diversity, she offers suggestions or variations to poses and makes herself available after class to provide feedback or answer questions.  I have enjoyed how Min varies her sequences from week to week, incorporating some elements of tai chi in combination with traditional yoga, for a unique fusion that demonstrates her innovativeness as a teacher.  Any student that has the opportunity to attend Min’s class will be blessed to have been guided by a teacher with such a bright light and tremendous heart.  

Lynn S.

Thank you so much Min Reyes! You fill my heart and the people around you with so much care and beauty. Namaste.

Chantal J.

Thank you Min for keeping me in Yoga. Your sessions make me feel good about myself and everyone/everything surrounding me. You have a fantastic gift to bring energy and calm to your practice from the beginning grounding through to savasana. We all feel your love.

Brian B.

Min is a very talented yoga teacher, and unique person. I love her classes which are not only wonderful workout for the body, but a spiritual journey to your inner world. Min has a big heart and shares the gift of passion for yoga with other people. She creates an atmosphere of unconditional love and joy in her classes where everyone is welcome. I am fortunate that I know her and happy to be a student in her classes.

Leyla S.

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for all of the teaching and sharing Min has provided me this past year, and for her ability to create a safe environment where this is possible. She is a very gifted yogi, and I could not recommend her offerings more.

Stefanie C.

To summarize my yoga experience with Min into one word, all I can say is ‘love’. From the moment you step into her class you will feel nothing but love, compassion, and respect. Min puts effort into getting to know all of her students before and after each session allowing the opportunity to ask questions or just simply to share experiences. Not only are her guidance clear and easy to follow but every pose comes with adaptations for experienced or beginner practitioners. Aside from her loving smile and a soothing voice that can put a baby to sleep, she is very passionate and is constantly expanding her knowledge of various styles of yoga. Integrating them into her sessions and allowing us to share the experience with her. I would highly recommend her class to everyone, but don’t take my word for it. Just give her a few “Min”utes of your time and your body will feel like tofu for the rest of the day! Namaste =)

Phil N.

I first met Min last summer at New Westminster Quay. A friend who was visiting from Mexico and I joined in a couple of her free yoga sessions on Saturday mornings. We loved Min and the practice she lead instantly. I was delighted when Karma Teachers opened up on Sixth Street where I was able to practice with Min on a weekly basis. I have done so since the studio opened.

I have tried various types of Yoga over the years. All were excellent. However, Min’s QiFlow style is what I was really looking for, as it is a great combination of movement, balance, strengthening, meditation, breathing and stretching. Each class challenges me to focus harder on my body and myself. I feel like I have had a thorough physical and emotional workout minus the pain. Furthermore, the results have been very visible as my body has toned up considerably, my concentration has improved and I feel much more at peace for the rest of my week.

Min’s routines are never exactly the same two classes in a row. We start with the basics and build on them. What I love is the movement of Tai Chi that Min has incorporated into many of the complex yoga poses, especially when we are changing from one pose to another. There is elegance and a rhythm of up to sixteen people flowing through “Flying Dragon” or “Warrior I and II.” The energy of the class is electric. In addition, Min always likes to share something new she has learned in her one of her various martial arts classes. This keeps my practice exciting and enjoyable as I am also experiencing something new.

Min makes sure everyone is included in the class no matter their ability. Sometimes the poses are quite challenging. Thus, Min gives clear instructions to those of us, who may not be able to get into “Bird of Paradise”, on a less difficult alternative, yet one that still pushes us in the right direction. She moves around the classroom to make sure we are in the correct positions while at the same time makes sure that we are supported with a block or a bolster if necessary.

I truly feel that Min cares about us and the practice she leads us through. Her love for both shows on her face and through her body language when I greet her on Tuesday nights. I suggest you join us for a session or two with Min for a QiFlow experience.

Erin C.




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